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What we do

Michelle Esquivel and Rob Cassidy
Michelle Esquivel and Rob Cassidy

Ultimate Pickleball Academy comes to YOUR community and provides the ultimate pickleball learning experience!

Excel your skills while having fun and learning pro tips from the pros themselves!

UPA covers each aspect of the game: dinking, volleys, serves, returns, footwork, player communication, lobs, overheads, and more.

Our pros provide detailed demonstrations, constructive feedback, and helpful drills that are guaranteed to advance your game.

During our clinics, you will learn how to hit each stroke with the correct technique, have a purpose for every shot, and become more aware of court positioning and doubles strategies.

Our team identifies our players' individual needs. We provide personalized feedback throughout the clinic which allows for a beneficial learning experience.

We provide structured clinics for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. With our teaching experience, support, and enthusiasm, you are sure to elevate your skills to the next level!


How it works

The Pros come to you!

What makes us a unique academy, is that we bring the ultimate clinic experience to your courts!

If you are interested in having Ultimate Pickleball Academy teach in your area, provide us with some details about your community. Once we receive your information, we can coordinate a specialized clinic for you and your club's needs.

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Who we are

Michelle Esquivel and Rob Cassidy
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You might have seen us compete at the pro level, but our true passion is teaching Pickleball.

We are pros who not only have a strong understanding of the game but also enjoy giving back in the form of teaching. 

We are passionate about our student's progress and strive for those wonderful BREAKTHROUGH moments our players experience while we teach!


Michelle Esquivel 

Michelle is an IPTPA certified instructor, Founder & Co- Director of Ultimate Pickleball Academy 

In 2015, Michelle was introduced to Pickleball and within a few years she decided to teach and play Pickleball Full time professionally. Since then, Esquivel has medaled in singles and doubles at several Major Professional Pickleball tournaments including the Hawaii Open, US Open and Nationals. 

She graduated from Concordia University, Irvine on a full tennis scholarship with a BA in Exercise Sports Science with an Emphasis in Teaching and Coaching.  After graduating, she became an USPTA instructor at Matchpoint Tennis Academy, and collegiate tennis coach at Cypress College. She later obtained her Masters Degree in Physical Education at Azusa Pacific University and began teaching Kinesiology classes. 

Michelle established herself in the Pickleball community as one of the top instructors in the game and has experience teaching with: EngagePickleball Camps, LevelUp, Pickleball Getaways and Suncoast Pickleball Academy. Her passion and love for the sport has made her a fan favorite. She’s made appearances as a live commentator for several professional pickleball events and has also been featured on the Eddie and Webby show. 

Rob Cassidy

Rob Cassidy

Rob Cassidy is a certified IPTPA Instructor and Co- Director of Ultimate Pickleball Academy.

As a leading pickleball professional, Rob specializes in focusing on developing one’s personal game while maintaining a strong emphasis on the fundamentals.

With 4 years of teaching experience, he is known to transform a players game at any level. Rob has coached in over 30 states and 3 countries with LevelUp Camps, EngagePickleball Camps, Boost Camps and Pickleball Getaways.

Rob Cassidy has been competing professionally since 2013. He has won several titles and has medaled at the following pro level events: International Indoor Championships, New York State Championships, Hawaiian Open, The Toronto Cup Championships and US Open.

Rob also holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and comes from a diverse sports background which includes: ultimate frisbee, volleyball and ping pong. With over seven years of Pickleball experience, Rob Cassidy brings a positive and insightful perspective to all players.  "I enjoy giving back to the game and teaching is a great way for me to do that.” 

  • "Camp with Rob met all our expectations and went way beyond! One of the best decisions we’ve made. We had a great group - everyone was fun, friendly and very encouraging and supportive. We learned so much and probably improved our game by a full 1.0. I highly recommend Rob to anyone who wants to improve and have a great time."

     Rick DeRoven
    The Villages, Florida

  • "We hosted Michelle and Rob for a several-day clinic at our community. They were fantastic – excellent and effective instruction as well as a ton of fun. They made the logistics easy as well. In post-clinic play, we all agreed that our play had improved.  We are looking forward to having them back!"

    Mark Waldman
    Brentwood, CA

  • "Michelle is the ultimate professional when it comes to teaching pickleball. My 2 sessions of private lessons with Michelle last month were well worth it and were extremely helpful. She is very encouraging and can pin-point exactly which aspects of the game that needs fixing. My game went up at least a level after her pointers and drills. I highly recommended Michelle to anyone who needs to upgrade their game to the next level. I can’t wait for the chance to get more lessons from Michelle soon."

    Leonard Lye
    St. John’s, Canada

  • "The very comprehensive pickleball skills instruction and quality of delivery Rob provided well exceeded my expectations. I especially liked the way he kept it loose with his light humor and appropriately fielded questions from the camp participants. It was awesome yet humbling to observe Rob properly demonstrate the shot skills he was trying to teach us and it was very clear he is at the 5.0 level. At 70 years of age and less than 3 years of pickleball experience, I don't aspire to be a 5.0 senior player but this camp well help push me to the 4+ level. My play will certainly improve as I constantly apply what I learned at this camp."

    Bill Crow
    Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

  • "Michelle really understood my questions and what the underlying issues were that held parts of my game back. Her critiques and corrections were easy to understand and implement, especially because she was able to demonstrate the changes I needed to make. She made it fun and totally worth my time and money."

    Rosemary Jarmarn
    Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

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